Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The First Post

Things have finally evolved in my new practice, I think I started talking about shifting from HR Concise to an Executive Coaching practice by the end of this year. Well this first post just makes it!

The name of my new business is Evolve Executive Coaching which, after much research and rejection of other names suddenly popped up-and it describes perfectly what I am doing. Helping executives, leaders, and 'want-to-be' those titles evolve into leaders in the Digital Era.

This perfectly blends my research and work in all things "Social Business" over the past three years, draws on my HR and OD experience, and adds all the new skills I have developed lately.

Much of the research I have done on leadership in the Digital Era convinced me that the timing is perfect to offer coaching services to leaders like all of you that I have connected with both online and IRL- to help you truly lead with the new and adapted skills for this era.

What 2012 was like-constantly in Evolve Mode!

Thank-you to everyone who joins me here-I appreciate your readership and hope this new blog offers you something of value! 

What do you think is different about leadership now and will be required in the future? How much of a role do you think some of the information coming from our friends working in the neuroscience world will help us in being great going forward?